Green Lantern vol. 3, Issue #46 – October 1993 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Green Lantern Issue #46

YEAR: October 1993


Writer: Gerard Jones

Penciller: M.D. Bright

Inker: Romeo Tanghal

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Letterer: Albert De Guzman

Asst. Editor: Eddye Berganza

Editor: Kevin Dooley

As DC Comics saw the success of the “Death of Superman” and milked it with the “Return of Superman” and also the emergence of those who became a replacement for the iconic hero, there was no doubt that DC Comics wanted lighting to strike not just a second time but several times with their other iconic characters.

As DC Comics had Bruce Wayne’s back broken by Bane and would continue the series via the arcs KnightFall, KnightQuest and KnightsEnd, DC was also getting ready to do something very chaotic with the “Green Lantern” series and that is by destroying Coast City (Green Lantern’s home) and would literally leave Green Lantern in disarray, to the point of becoming the evil known as Parallax.

And unlike the Superman or Batman books, the new Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, would be the main protagonist for over a decade, while the Hal Jordan that we have known for so long would become evil, stay evil as Parallax and because of low sales, the comic book series that many people read in the ’90s would be retconned by DC Comics, suggesting that the whole Parallax persona was due to a virus.

Fortunately for “Green Lantern” fans who felt they been skewed, DC Comics would land talented writer Geoff Johns who would change the direction of Green Lantern/Hal Jordan which many readers have came to appreciate.

Because I didn’t purchase any comic books for since the late ’90s, I didn’t know the work of Johns until I purchased the omnibus.  But I will say, reading the twist about Hal Jordan going mad was something I was not expecting.  Nor did I expect the good Hal Jordan to be away for over a decade.


In “Superman” vol. 2, issue #82, Mongol pretty much destroyed Coast City by landing his behemoth of a spacecraft right on the city and as Mongol has beaten Superman (making him weak with Kryptonite surrounding him), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who is blind with rage, goes to fight Mongol.

Enraged about his home being destroyed and possibly losing the love of his life, we see one heck of a battle between Green Lantern and Mongol, but by distracting him by mentioning Superman’s name, Mongol gets one huge hit which literally leaves Green Lantern with limb injuries.

Needless to say, this was an awesome fight that I think may have went under the radar because so much attention was directed towards the Batman comics.  But it was no doubt one of the coolest fights that I have seen in early vol. 3 of “Green Lantern” and is definitely setting up for a shocker in issues #48-#50.



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