ElfQuest issue #1 – April 1979 (WaRP Graphics)

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TITLE: ElfQuest Issue 1

YEAR: August 1979

COMPANY: WaRP Graphics

Written by Richard Pini, Wendy Pini

Art by Wendy Pini

I wrote a lengthy post about “ElfQuest” last month, as “ElfQuest: New Blood” was a random pull .  While New Blood ushered in a new era of other artists contributing to the ElfQuest storyline in the ’90s, my favorite will always be the original series from the ’70s and ’80s which were written by Richard and Wendy Pini and featuring artwork by Wendy Pini.

There is something about this series that captivates you to the very core.  Characters that grow on you, situations that keep you in suspense and storylines that are deep, entertaining, adventurous and for the most part, all-out awesome.

While many people can enjoy the first series thanks to the omnibus release courtesy of Dark Horse Comics  (and sold for a fantastic price), I can’t emphasize enough of how awesome the “ElfQuest” series is.

While Marvel was the first to release the first series through their Epic imprint and in full color, the version I read was originally in black and white.  Also, the initial release of “ElfQuest” was in magazine-sized format.

The first issue of “ElfQuest” begins with humans capturing an elf, who they claim as demon-spawn of the evil ones.

But how the elves came to the planet was quite interesting as a magical castle appears upon humans (ala cave people) during the pre-historic times.

When the doors opened, out comes the original elves known as The High Ones.  And as The High Ones greeted these humans in the planet, these unintelligent neanderthals massacred many of them.

Those who were able to escape from the castle, ran to the woods and for generations, these elves would evade the humans.

Fastforward to the present and Cutter, the leader of the Wolf Tribe  (a.k.a. The Wolfriders), also named Tam who has the blood of Ten Chiefs flowing in his veins.  While they make their homes in the woods, watch as the humans have captured on of their own.

As the group try to free Redlance, the rescue would lead to one of the humans being killed and now the humans want revenge.  But what will happen to the Wolfriders when the humans carry out their plans of revenge?

A fascinating storyline for the first issue but with each issue, the storyline just gets better and better. Creative, well-planned and a storyline executed perfectly, and amazing artwork from Wendy Pini, it is no surprise why people have fallen in love with “ElfQuest” back then and it shows why many who are searching for one of the best storylines ever conceived are wanting to see a live action film created.

It’s a series that has won many new fans for several generations and all I can say is that if you have never experienced “ElfQuest”, perhaps now is the time to give it a try!



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