Showcase ’94 Issue #10 – September 1994 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Showcase ’94 Issue #10

YEAR: September 1994


Writer: Alan Grant

Penciller: Mike Vosburg

Inker: Ron McCain

Letterer: Ken Bruzenak

Colorist: Dave Hornung

Editor: Neal Pozner

Azrael created by Dennis O’Neil & Joe Quesada

I blogged about Bruce Wayne taking back the mantle of Batman after two years of Azrael becoming Batman after Wayne’s back was broken by Bane.

In DC Comics anthology comic book ,”Showcase ’94” issue #10 features the aftermath after Azrael’s stint as Batman ended with Bruce Bayne using his intelligence to break down Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul is now homeless and needing time to think about what he has done with his life, he sits in an area alone near many other homeless people.

Suffice to say the other homeless people are not so thrilled about Jean-Paul in their turf but when they try to help him, he’s too despondent.

All Jean-Paul can think of is his past and how he became Azrael.  But when one of the homeless steal the liquor from a group of punks, these punks want revenge.  Will Jean-Paul intervene?


There are two other stories as well, one featuring a Black Condor story and a battle between Black Condor vs. Peregrine ensues.  Written and created by Brian Augustyn and featuring the artwork of Anthony Chun, what happens when State Park Ranger Ned David Smith (also Black Condor’s closest friend)  is targeted by Peregrine.

Knowing that Black Condor cares about Ned, can Black Condor save his bud?

The third story features a “Groundhog Day” style of storyline as group of people who can control or change time, ends up making a risky decision that may make them live another day or die immediately.

Overall, “Showcase ’94” Issue #10 was a decent followup for those who invested a lot of time and money in reading the many stories featured in KnightQuest, Knight’sCrusade and Knight’sEnd.

Because it’s an anthology feature three different storylines, this aftermath issue featuring Azrael’s helmet busted open on the front cover is a good way to show how broken Jean-Paul is and how he really needs to discover himself and figure out how to move on with his life.  Something that may prove to be too difficult for him.

The other two stories were good, especially Black Condor but I know most people bought this issue, did it for one thing, the post-Bruce Wayne (Batman) returning and Azrael given the heave-ho. How will Jean-Paul deal with his loss and if he can bounce back up from all the pain and depression he has been harboring.

While an aftermath issue, I recommend “Showcase ’94” issue #10 for the hardcore fans but for the casual fans, the storyline is not overly essential but still worth the read.



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