The DNAgents vol. 1, issue #1 – March 1983 (Eclipse Comics)

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TITLE: The DNAgents vol. 1, issue 1

YEAR: March 1983

COMPANY: Eclipse Comics

Writer: Mark Evanier

Artist: Will Meugniot

Back in the ’80s, writer Mark Evanier and artist Will Meugniot created “The DNAgents”.

Mark Evanier was already known for working on the animated TV series “Garfield and Friends” and on the comic book “Groo the Wanderer”, while Will Meugniot was a storyboard artist for many animated series from the ’80s and ’90s.  And for both men, the goal was to use their skill and contacts in hopes they could have The DNAgents become a TV series.

And with working with agent Mike Friedrich Ia comic book writer/publisher but was known as the co-owner of WonderCon (before selling it to Comic-Con International in 2001) and while there were major interests from a few publishers, they decided to go with Eclipse Comics for the creative freedom.

The series introduces us to the Matrix Corporation who were responsible for creating five individuals, non-humans with special abilities in order to become soldiers.

Billionaire industrialist Lucius Krell  is in need of saving his daughter who was kidnapped in Acapulco and while these five individuals have not been fully tested and the scients are against releasing them to the public, Krell orders them to release them from their laboratory and have them go to Mexico and save Krell’s daughter.

The team consists of Surge, Amber, Tank, Rainbow and Sham.

Without proper training or having them integrate with real humans, these five are sprung into society very early without any major tests being completed.

How will these five DNAgents do in their first major operation?

For the most part, “The DNAgents” is a very interesting read.  It has that vibe of storylines reminiscent of “The New Mutants” or “Ex-Mutants” with young individuals who become part of a group.  Each of them having their own way of dealing with emotions, others who don’t care and all in the while they are representing a corrupt corporation, especially the corporate leader, Lucius Krell, who has his own agenda.

You have the hot-headed Surge, the naive Amber, the strongman Tank, the cautious and determined Rainbow and the super shy Sham.  Sure, it may seem banal, especially for major comic book published stories but for independents, characters can easily be expendable and already, reading this first issue, you get a feeling that perhaps some of these characters may not live all that long.

There is a second storyline after the kidnapping operation, in which the five must attend school and integrate with real people and that’s an interesting storyline as well.

Overall, an entertaining series from the early ’80s and definitely worth reading!


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