Wonder Woman vol. 2, Issue #124 – August 1997 (DC Comics)

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TITLE:Wonder Woman vol. 2, issue #124

YEAR: August 1997


Writer/Artist: John Byrne

Colorist: Patricia Mulvihill

Editor: Paul Kupperberg

Assistant Editor: Jason Hernandez-Robenblatt

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Murston

The Demon was created by Jack Kirby

Wonder Woman and Artemis.  Two characters who are Amazon that would cross paths numerous times to the point that Wonder Woman was defeated and Artemis would then take up the mantle as the new Wonder Woman.

The daughter of Hyppolyta (the Queen of the Amazons) and given power by the Gods to fight against evil, Wonder Woman, who would go by the name of Diana Prince, leaving her homeland and living in the United States and becoming one of the founders of the Justice League of America, would become one of the main iconic characters of DC Comics alongside Superman and Batman.  And with the successful film that was released in 2017, while there are a plethora of Wonder Woman titles, I do recommend reading the second volume.

The 124th issue may not be the best Wonder Woman/Artemis story but it is no doubt interesting.   The book begins with Professor Sandsmark and Mr. Singh waling outside but are soon approached by the demon Etrigan.

Dr. Sandsmark is then grabbed by hands in the pavement and she is dragged down to the Underworld where Wonder Woman, Artemis and Dr. Sandsmark’s child, Cassie are held in cages.

We find out that Neron is responsible and he is planning something huge and definitely causing a lot of trouble. As Nero has control of Etrigan, he uses the demon’s powers against Wonder Woman, meanwhile Artemis comes up with a plan of escape and that is by chewing off the majority of her long flowing ponytail.

Meanwhile, above ground, Donna Troy appears and tries to find out what happened to Wonder Woman and the others but to the surprise of Donna, Hyppolyta and an army of Amazons have arrived to save Wonder Woman and the others from harm.  But can they?  We also learn more about how Artemis became Wonder Woman and how it was planned by Hyppolita all this time in order to protect Wonder Woman from getting killed and doing other things to ensure that Artemis assumes the mantle of Wonder Woman.  But that didn’t last long.

Overall, the story is good, but not great.  Previous issues featuring Wonder Woman/Artemis are much better but John Byrne still manages to have an entertaining story and for the most part, giving fans what they wanted to see, the return of Artemis.

And through the cover alone, many people wonder if Wonder Woman and Artemis will once again clash.  But the cover is a fascinating cover that no doubts entice fans to wanting to purchase this latest story, but this is not a battle between the two but more of survival of not giving into the evil Neron.


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