Young Romance Issue #131 – August/Sept. 1964 (Superman-DC National Comics)

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TITLE: Young Romance Issue #131

YEAR: August/Sept. 1964

COMPANY: Superman-DC National Comics

Before DC Comics, the company was known as National Comics but for a short time, they went with Superman-DC National Comics.  And just in case you don’t forget, the title of the series and the company logo was displayed in nearly every page.

And while Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash were notable superheroes, to reach out to different demographics, for women or those who enjoyed romantic storylines, there was “Young Romance” (and a few other romance titles).

Inside you would find three major romance stories, a cartoon, a text-based story and some promotional, in this case, for issue #131 it was “Miss Young America”.  But what is interesting, you won’t find any mention of who wrote the story or who the artists were.

The first story is “On the Eve of Happiness”, a story about a young woman who dreams of finding the love of her life.  Wanting to meet that “Mr. Right” and have those situations that one would see in the movies.

One day, she saw the man of her dreams as they were going through a revolving door.  After a few dates, immediately she tells him that she wants to get married.  And immediately, she notices a change with the man she has fallen in love with?  What is wrong?

There is a cartoon called “Beat Nick” by Mort Drucker, a one panel that features the life of a Beat Nick.  How a woman likes him because he’s wild, emotionally insecure, inadequate and shallow and how he would make for a great writer.

In the story “Second Meeting”, the story is about Abby attending the anniversary party for Victor and Sue.   What is weird is that, Victor is Abby’s ex-boyfriend and another guy, Brian, Sue is his ex-girlfriend.  A little awkward as their exes have found love with each other and are now married, both are hurting in their own way.

When Abby takes a trip to Rome, surprisingly she and Brian see each other.  And as the two hang out as friends, they grow closer with each other, but as Brian tries to kiss her, Abby doesn’t want to go further and feels they are doing it for the wrong reasons.  As both head home, Abby starts to wonder about these feelings that she may have for Brian.

There is a letters section for Laura Penn and also the headdress of what ancient brides have worn back then.

In the final story, “Dreams Don’t count”, Bonnie Taylor is a stewardess and she has filled in twice on shift for her best friend Lori.  And as Lori and her boyfriend Tod are madly in love, Bonnie has started to fall for him as well.  But when Lori is in a plane accident subbing for Bonnie, Bonnie starts to worry for Tod and starts to think that maybe she can move in and be the new love of his life.

I found each story interesting, for one, with the first story and the woman telling her new boyfriend that she wants to get married and then she notices a change with the man, it’s quite obvious.  The character is going a bit quick thinking that now she’s dating “Mr. Right”, she needs to marry him right away, so he will be hers.  I understand that but seriously…

The second storyline is something that we see far too often in drama shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” anyone?

And the final story, I don’t understand why Lori felt the need to have her boyfriend give her best friend a french kiss, as a favor for her subbing for her shift?  As much as one are best friends, you just don’t have your love kiss another woman?  Needless to say, Bonnie Taylor becomes a character for the “Young Romance” series as she tries to find true love.

And I enjoyed Mort Drucker’s “Beat Nick”, although it was one page.

As for this issue of “Young Romance”, it came with a lot that I won through eBay and figured, why not give it a try and read it.  Overly dramatic but for those who dig romance stories, will no doubt enjoy this comic book series.

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