The Solution vol. 1, issue #0 – January 1994 (Ultraverse)

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TITLE: The Solution vol. 1, Issue #0

YEAR: January 1994

COMPANY: Ultraverse

Writer: James D. Hudnall

Penciller: Darick Robertson

Inker: Barbara Kaalberg

Letterer: Tim Eldred

Cover Colorists: Albert Calleros

Color Designers: Micky Rose, Keith Conroy, Moose Baumann, Tim Divar

Interior Colorists: Bu’ Tones

Editor: Hank Kanalz

In 1993, Ultraverse unveiled their covert team that would take on lucrative job offers no matter the risk.  The team is known as The Solution and is run by leader, Lela Cho, the daughter of millionaire owner Terrance Cho, owner of the technology firm, Hypersonic.

While Lela is able to study at Harvard and one day take over the company, on the day of her graduation, her father had died and the company’s board was bought by Chinese triad, the Dragon Fang.  And now she wants revenge against the Dragon Fang but also wants her father’s company back.

Because Lela is wealthy, she is ably to purchase the very expensive Nuware technology known as Wetware which implants ultra powers into a human being.  And together with martial arts expert Dropkick, the powerful alien Outrage and the mystical Shadowmage, they form the company, the Solution.

In issue #0, this focuses on the group being mobile and training in the most remote areas in the country/world.

But unknown by the group is that three powerful alien begins are about to come in and try to kill all of the members of the Solution.

And the fight begins…

While the regular series of “The Solution” is entertaining, with issue #0, the creators made this issue one major panel, horizontal or landscape, because of the huge panels and there is very little reading, you don’t get much of a storyline but three aliens have attacked members of the Solution and it’s a battle to the death. The artwork by Darick Robertson is well-done but I feel that with the majority of the issue being full-size panels, the storyline did little of being an introduction, more of a story with the team being ambushed at their home.  Once again, it’s a quick read, so it was a little disappointing but the remainder of the regular series, is no doubt worth watching.

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