Silver Surfer vol. 2, issue #2 – August 1987 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Silver Surfer vol. 2, issue #2 YEAR: August 1987 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Story by Steve Englehart Pencils and Colors: Marshall Rogers Inks: Joe Rubinstein  Letters: John Workman Editor:  Michael Higgins Editor-in-Chief: Jim Shooter The Silver Surfer has been an iconic Marvel Comics character since his debut back in 1966 for “Fantastic Four” issue #48. The character about a young astronomer named Norrin Radd from the planet Zenn-La saved his homeworld and his beloved Shalla-Bal from the planet devourer, Galactus  […]

The Dirty Pair: Sim Hell Issue 1 of 4 – May 1993 (Dark Horse Comics)

TITLE: The Dirty Pair: Sim Hell Issue 1 of 4 YEAR: May 1993 COMPANY: Dark Horse Comics Story and Art by Adam Warren  Screentones and Lettering by Tomoko Saito Editors: Chris Warner and John Weeks Based on Characters and Situations Created by Haruka Takachiho In 1980, Haruka Takachiho and illustrator Yoshikazu Yasuhiko created a sci-fi light novel titled “Dirty Pair”. So popular, a total of eight novels were created, an animated television series, two OVA series, an animated film and […]

Spider-Man Team-Up Featuring X-Men vol. 1, issue #1 – December 1995 (Marvel Comics)

TITLE: Spider-Man Team-Up Featuring X-Men vol. 1, issue #1 YEAR: December 1995 COMPANY: Marvel Comics Story by Mark Waid and Tom Peyer Pencils: Ken Lashley Inker: Vince Russell and Al Milgrom Letters: Richard Starkings and Comicraft Colors: Tom Smith Edits: Tom Brevoort Chief: Bob Budiansky Special Thanks to Scott Lobdell And today’s random pull from my comic book is “Spider-Man Team-Up” issue #1. During the mid-90s, I became displeased with the decisions to bring back Peter Parker’s parents, the controversy […]

The Question Issue #1 – February 1986 (DC Comics)

TITLE: The Question Issue #1 YEAR: 1986 COMPANY: DC Comics Script: Dennis O’Neil Penciler: Denys Cowan Inker: Rick Magyar Letters: Gaspar Colors: Tatjana Wood Editor: Mike Gold In 1967, the character “The Question” was created by writer/artist Steve Ditko.  First appearing in Charlton Comics “Blue Beetle” issue #1, the character was acquired by DC Comics in the early 1980s and incorporated in the DC Universe. When the character debuted, the setting was in Hub City and featured an outspoken and […]

Street Fighter II – Issue #1 – April 1994 (Tokuma Comics)

TITLE: Street Fighter II Issue #1 of 8 YEAR: April 1994 COMPANY: Tokuma Comics Story and Art by Masaomi Kanzaki Translation by William Flanagan Touch-Up and Lettering: Lea Hernandez Coloring: Koto Color Cover Design Artist: James Catechi Producer: Tsutomu Otsuka Back in 1991, arcades became cool again thanks to the fighting video game “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior” from Capcom.  The second game in the “Street Fighter” series, the success of “Street Fighter II” led to the fighting game […]

Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition – 1992 (Wizard Press)

TITLE: Wizard: The Guide to Comics – San Diego Comic Con 1992 Special Edition YEAR: 1992 COMPANY: Wizard Press President/Publisher: Gareb S. Shamus Business Manager: Martin Schranz Art Director: Cindy Sutherland Production: Douglas Goldstein  Design: Eli-Har-Dof Editor: Patrick Daniel O’Neill Assistant Editor and Creative Director: Patrick McCallum Copy Editor: Daniel Schloss Writers: Craig Cornell, Brian Cunningham, Andy Mangels, PAtrick McCallum, Patrick Daniel O’Neill, Rob Samsel The first year of Wizard Press’ “Wizard: The Guide to Comics” magazine came out when […]

Urusei Yatsura: The Return of Lum Issue #1 – 1994 (Viz Select Comics)

TITLE: Urusei Yatsura: The Return of Lum Issue #1 YEAR: March 1983 COMPANY: Viz Select Comics Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi Translation by Gerard Jones and Mari Morimoto Editors: Satoru Fujii & Annette Roman Executive Editor: Seiji Hirobuchi Publisher: Keizo Inoue Back in 1977, mangaka (manga artist) Rumiko Takahashi created a short story called “Those Selfish Aliens” and after that short story was nominated for Shogakukan’s “Best New comic Artist Award”, Rumiko Takahashi would create “Urusei Yatsura” at the […]

Adventure Comics Issue #334 – July 1965 (Superman-DC/National Comics)

TITLE: Adventure Comics Issue #334 YEAR: July 1995 COMPANY: DC Comics Back in 1958 (with “Adventure Comics” issue #247), writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino would change the storyline  for the series by featuring Superboy with the Legion of Super-Heroes.  So, popular that the incorporation of the Legion of Super-Heroes would last for more than a hundred issues until issue #380 and would primarily feature Supergirl. These are the stories I remember fondly growing up as digest versions were […]