Superman Issue #75 – January 1993 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Superman Issue #75

YEAR: January 1993


Words & Pictures: Dan Jurgens

Finished Art: Brett Breeding

Colors: Glenn Whitmore

Letters: John Costanza

Assistant:  Jennifer Frank

Editor: Mike Carlin

I can easily remember the comics scene of 1992 especially with DC Comics.  I have always been a big Superman fan, so collecting the issues featuring the battle between Superman and the JLA vs. Doomsday was something I look forward to.

From the promotional of “Doomsday is coming”, I just remembered, asking myself, “who or what is Doomsday?”.

Issue after issue, reading the first seven issues leading up to Superman #75, I was really getting into the storyline and absolutely loved it.

But then the media got on this issue #75 of “Superman” and I suppose I never realized how much of a media spectacle the Death of Superman was going to be.

The issue was simple and most pages were full-sized panels of Superman trying to avoid anymore destruction and death of innocents by taking the final stand against Doomsday in Metropolis right across the street from the Daily Planet.

The comic stores I frequented, I was considered one of the loyal customers who spent money and sure enough, I was one of the few who got like two or three of the bagged limited editions and one regular edition because I was a loyal customer.  Remembering the magazine shop, which would never have that many customers, would have tons of people waiting to get an issue and her telling people she didn’t have any copies left and what was left are for people who reserved in advance.

A day later, I remember going to a local card shop and the owner was talking about how he wished he had an issue of “Superman #75 bagged” and knowing I had an extra, I told him I had one and he immediately offered $150 for that issue.  No negotiating, came back and I got $150 for the bagged issue.

That was the first time I sold an issue for what I considered back then for a lot of money.  I was asked to sell my set leading to the Death of Superman but I wasn’t interested.  The only reason why I sold that specific issue was because I had an extra and the owner, who I knew real well because I also collected sports cards, wanted it badly.  And in essence, that transaction worked out wonderfully as he considered me a loyal customer to his shop and got great deals on sports cards that I purchased when his shop was still around.

But while “Superman” Issue #75 made for a great read and no doubt a lot of people purchased the issue, the true gems were the Doomsday stories leading up to the “Superman” issue #75.


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