Mister Miracle vol. 5, Issue #19 – September 1977 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Mister Miracle vol. 5, issue 19

YEAR: September 1977


Written by Steve Englehart

Artist: Marshall Rogers, Ilya Hunch

Color: Liz Berube

Lettering: Morris Waldinger

From 1970-1973, the legendary Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World” (which included “The New Gods”,”The Forever People” and “Mister Miracle”) comic book titles was released and entertained readers who wanted something new and fresh from the comic book legend.

The connection to the DC Universe was through the character Darkseid, the evil lord of Apokolips who is seeking the Anti-Life Equation to control the thoughts of all living beings.  Trying to stop him is his son, Orion, who was raised by Highfather and his enemies on New Genesis.

But before New Genesis (represented by High Father) and Apokolips (represented by Darkseid) were involved in a major battle, to solidify neutrality, the two traded sons.  Orion would go to Apokolips and Mister Miracle would go to High Father.  While Orion opposed Apokolips, Mister Miracle was raised in a torturous childhood where he was raised by the ruthless, Granny.  But he would learn to become the world’s greatest escape artist.  But while living with Highfather, Mister Miracle would become a good man and would find love after meeting the powerful Big Barda.

“Mister Miracle” would have his own series and lasted only 18 issues, while “The New Gods” and “The Forever People” would only last 11 issues before it was canceled.  DC opted to downplay the Fourth World mythology and Mister Miracle would team up with Batman in “The Brave and the Bold”.

And eventually several years later with issue #19, Mister Miracle would be revived by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers but would end with issue #25 in 1978 with Mister Miracle’s storyline not being resolved.

With the return of “Mister Miracle” nearly five years later since the last issue, issue #19 begins with an introduction to Mister Miracle.

How he is a New God with a strong heritage.  A super hero who wages his own war with both Earthly and Unearthly foes, his name is Scott Free, a refugee from the Gods’ Galactic Wars and how he is a super escape artist.

As Scott (Mister Miracle) and his girlfriend Big Barda are sharing a romantic time with each other, he hears a boom and immediately his foes, Granny Goodness, Dr. Bedlam, Kanto and Vermin Vundabar show up.

And with the help of his Mother Box, he is able to hold his own against the four, as with Barda.  Until she is grabbed by Dr. Bedlam’s magic and the four escape with Barda.

Unfortunately due to the war, none of the Gods can help Scott.  Highfather tells him that he must get Barda on his own and so, Scott enlists on his old friend Oberon in hopes to rescue Barda.

But when he finds out their hideout, they threaten to kill Barda unless he comes by himself without the Motherbox.

How will Mister Miracle fare without the Magic Power that gives him his incredible abilities?

Overall, “Mister Miracle” is a wonderful series and for those who have followed Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.  While one can possibly find the series on eBay, others may want to check out the omnibus that are available as they collect not just “Mister Miracle” but also “The New Gods” and “The Forever People” but also the stories featured in “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen”.  But for anyone who wants to know the origins of Mister Miracle, especially DC Universe antagonist, Darkseid, will want to check out the four available omnibus (1, 2, 3, 4).

Definitely worth reading!

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