Guy Gardner vol. 1, Issue #1 – October 1992 (DC Comics)

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TITLE: Guy Gardner Vol. 1, Issue 1

YEAR: October 1992


Writers: Gerard Jones

Penciller: Joe Staton 

Inker: Terry Beatty

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Letterer: Albert De Guzman

Assistant Editor: Eddie Gerganza

Editor: Kevin Dooley

Back in the ’90s, having characters with a rough, almost anti-hero edge was the rage.

Sure, Wolverine and even Incredible Hulk have been characters in the Marvel Universe that have played the good guy but has an edge that often put him at odds with other superheroes and even their own teammates, but in the DC Universe, we have seen a few.

While Lobo is the quintessential DC Universe bad ass, neither hero nor villain, despite causing major problems…so has a Green Lantern member, Guy Gardner.

Debuting back in 1968 for “Green Lantern” vol. 2 (Issue #58), Gardner was created as a ultra-macho American male.  Having a bowl haircut to pay homage to General Glory’s sidekick, Ernie and a person who was beaten by his alcoholic father everyday, Guy Gardner grew up in a troubled environment.

While the storyline and origin of Guy Gardner has changed in the DC Universe reboot “The New 52” and the man with a troubled past has now become an ex-police officer of the Baltimore Police Department, prior to that, Guy Gardner was a thorn to every superhero.

Disliked Batman’s leadership of the Justice League International, disliked Superman, disliked Hal Jordan.  All he cared about was himself.

In the 1992, Guy Gardner received his own comic book series.  Prior to the issue, with Hal Jordan’s return to Earth to reclaim his title as Green Lantern, both Jordan and Gardner fought and whoever lost would have to quit the Green Lantern Corps.  Gardner lost and thus went on a mission to obtain Sinestro’s yellow power ring.

Which leads us to the first issue, with a new yellow power ring, Guy Gardner decides to go after criminals his way.  Causing massive damage and not caring about how he ends up busting criminals, meanwhile the media are taking it out on the super heroes especially the Justice League because of the devastation that Guy Gardner had caused.

This leads to Superman confronting Guy Gardner and Guy, as usual, is abrasive and couldn’t care less.  Telling the League that they need him more than he needs them.

With this new life of doing whatever he wants to do, this leads Superman contacting Green Lantern, who knows one person that can possible reason with Guy Gardner before he does something stupid.

Overall, Guy Gardner was an interesting series to read.  Abrasive anti-hero with a bowl haircut and Sinestro’s power ring, you never knew what to expect from his character.

While I haven’t read any newer issues involving the post-The New 52 characters, especially of Guy Gardner, it will be interesting how he has evolved in today’s DC universe.  But he was no doubt one of the most egotistical, loudmouth, yet powerful superheroes of the ’90s.


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