Briggs Land – Vol. 1 – State of Grace TPB (Dark Horse Books)

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TITLE: Briggs Land – Vol. 1 – State of Grace TPB

YEAR: 2016-2017

COMPANY: Dark Horse Books

Script: Brian Wood

Artist: Mack Chater

Colors: Lee Loughridge and Jeremy Colwell

Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot

Chapter Break Art: Tula Lotay

Cover: Mack Chater and Brian Wood

From writer/illustrator Brian Wood (“The Tourist”, “Northlanders”, “Ultimate Comics: X-Men”, “The Couriers”, “The Masswive”, “Rebels”) and artist Mack Chater comes “Briggs Land”.

And as news was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con that creator/writer Brian Wood sold “Briggs Land” to AMC and is writing the pilot, prior to the announcement, the comic book was making an impression on reviewers for its gritty, violent and captivating storyline.

With a total of six issues released so far, the first six issues are collected in “Briggs Land – Vol. 1 – State of Grace TPB”.

“Briggs Land” is nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness and also the home of the most secretive anti-government secessionist movement in the United States.

The property was founded in the years following the Civil War and was a safe harbor for those looking to live a simple life off the grid.

But the property is also home for white extremism, armed militias and domestic terrorism and everything was ruled by Jim Briggs.

As Briggs Land represents billions of dollars in fracking leases, real-estate development and public works, the government has always wanted the land.

The story begins with Grace Briggs visiting her husband Jim Briggs in prison (where has has stayed and controlled the land from prison for the past 20-years and incarcerated for the planned assassination of the President).  Jim tells her that he must do what he says and when he says to meet with him on that day, she must meet him.

But immediately, she tells Jim that she is taking control of the family and challenging her husband.

On Grace’s side is her youngest son Isaac but she hopes to win her two sons over, in order to increase her power of Briggs Land. But will her oldest, Caleb (a white supremacist) support her efforts?  Or her other son Noah, known as the Executioner?

Meanwhile, observing from afar are two federal agents who are not supposed to be following the Briggs but are doing so anyway.

As Grace is looking forward to a meeting with her children, two individuals try to sneak in front of Grace’s home.  As Isaac tries to leave in the truck, he hears ticking and realizes someone has setup a bomb trying to kill them.

Who is responsible for trying to kill them? Her sons?

Meanwhile, how far will Caleb go in order to gain control of Hillson Home Value hardware store?  And what happens when Grace finds out who is trying to kill her?  And did her husband set it up?

As for Jim, he knows that if he sells the property to the U.S. government, he can get a quick release from prison but the war for Briggs Land between wife and husband is starting to heat up.  For those who live in the area, which of the Briggs will they choose to support?

“Briggs Land – Vol. 1 – State of Grace TPB” features the first six issues of the comic book series (August 2016-January 2017) and as the series focuses on character development, showing us the state of Briggs Land and the people that live in the area, it’s a captivating story about a family war that pits family and friends against each other.  But who really has the upperhand?  Wife Grace Briggs who wants to do things right for those who live in Briggs Land unlike her violent husband?

A captivating story written by Brian Wood with wonderful artwork from Mack Chater, “Briggs Land – Vol. 1 – State of Grace TPB” is recommended!



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