Eightball Issue #11 (June 1993) (Fantagraphics Books)

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TITLE: Eightball Issue #11

YEAR: June 1993

COMPANY: Fantagraphics Books

By Daniel Clowes

When it comes to alternative comics success, Daniel Clowes has seen his stories such as “Ghost World” (2001) adapted into a film, and “Art School Confidential” (2006).

These stories were among the many stories that were featured in his solo anthology comic book series “Eightball” which was published by Fantagraphic Books.

In each issue, you would have around a half dozen stories in black and white or color.

“Eightball” would run from October 1989 through June 2004 with a total of 23 issues released and it was no doubt the craziest, crudest yet humorous comic books you would find at the comic book store (if you were lucky to find an issue).

For issue #11, this was a wild issue.

The first storyline “The Party” is featured in color and would focus on a guy going to a party to meet up with his stoner buddies.  But while at the party, the main character’s thoughts can be read about how he feels about the party, the people dancing to the music and the people that approach him.

I had to laugh at this storyline because it reminds me of the friend or associate which one would have in their life that would talk crap about everyone and everything.

The second storyline is titled “Velvet Glove” and is featured in black and white and would revolve around a person writing a screenplay about an ex-cop who becomes a cop again and discovers an alien.  The copy’s wife and son were kidnapped and now he tries to get them back.  The writer approached a company and sold the script, not expecting it would be sold .

The third storyline is titled “The Fairy Frog” about a woman who follows some strange man that comes to her house and her parents tell her to go with him.  And the things she sees inside the house is crazy and she is given two gifts, which she should not hold onto or else…

The fourth storyline is titled “The Happy Fisherman” and is probably the most insane storyline about a fisherman looking for his fishing hole and for some reason, has a fish attached to his penis and he is not wearing any underwear or pants.  He meets a homeless guy named Smitty who promises to show him the directions to the fishing hole.

The fifth and weakest story is “I Hate Christians” and revolves around people who do not like Christians.

The sixth story is “Ghost World” and this storyline features the two main characters watching TV and joking around with each other about weird guys they are attracted (or not attracted) to.

The seventh and final story is “Ectomorph” about a strange skinny guy with huge eyes who is working out to become muscular.  What happens when this guy goes to the beach?

Overall, for those who like storylines that don’t deal with superheroes, storylines that are audacious, so not politically correct and some may consider the storylines to be offensive and lewd, if you want something fresh, different and unique, then definitely give “Eightball”.  You can find an omnibus which features the first 18-issues (it says its a complete omnibus, but it’s not really complete).

But really, these “Eightball” issues really make you appreciate the work (or for some, make you feel really disgusted) of Daniel Clowes and what he has contributed to alternative comics.  Check it out!



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